Lauren Dillon-Merrill


Lauren Dillon-Merrill is Energy Healer turned Small business owner. Certified as Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, Lauren has been a practicing energetic healer for over a decade, and is passionate about using various energetic modalities to help her clients find the tools they need to restore inner balance and a sense of well-being. In addition to her Healing practice 3 Petals Healing, she co-owns with her husband 3 other Holistic rooted businesses; Seattle Natural Awakenings: a natural health and green living magazine, Omni Bothell: Conscious community event space and classroom, Omni Bothell Gift Shop with gifts for mind, body, and spirit. Se•lyn Boutique & Crystal Shoppe: connecting with the wild at heart women, who celebrates their unique energetic self. In addition Se•lyn has a curated collection of crystals and gemstone jewelry. Lauren also has a B.A. in Digital Arts & Design, and a mom two kids, Sebastian 4 and Hayden 2.

Bethany is a mom of two wonderful boys, 19 months apart, and one furbaby! I’m on a quest in discovering the beauty in being perfectly imperfect. A journey of rediscovering my authenticity in recovery from drugs and alcohol. While including and sharing about oils in the journey seems “salesy” to some, bug-off, that’s not what this is about. This is a lifestyle I’ve incorporated with my children and one day hubs to be, in my recovery, and even with our furbaby. The world of oils, recovery, and motherhood can be quite overwhelming, and Bethany’s hope is I can help at least person find ease and laughter in one of those areas.

Current Classes & Events

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