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Chakra Mandala - Yogic Art

Create your very own Chakra Mandala Oct 12 & 13 in Bothell WA
Be guided by master Pieter Weltevrede on making your own Sacred Geometry Mandala around a chakra.
This is Bija and Bhakti through the Yogic Arts

Come create a unique and beautiful crystal mandala around the seed symbol of the chakra and learn about the chakras in every day life.

Pieter is co-author of the book Awakening the Chakras - The Seven Energy Centers in Your Daily Life

~ No art experience neccessary ~

You will learn how to use sacred geometry from the Vedic Square and practice bhakti, bija and breath of infusing art with mantra as a yogic practice.

and Join Us for a free portfolio show Oct 10 at 6:30 pm at Selyn Boutique and Crystal Shoppe on main street in Bothell.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of the chakras and a personal and unique Chakra Mandala after this weekend. We will begin with the first chakra because as Pieter says "All the energies of the chakras are contained in the first chakra" Pure potential resides in the first chakra.

$165 Art supplies included

Once you learn the basics of this special Sacred Geometry approach - you can make endless mandalas of harmony like you see in a few paintings here.

Pieter is co-author of the Awakening the Chakras (and has illustrated more books - see list below).

Workshop experience is at Omni Bothell just behind Selyn Boutique

If you have questions, please call Kathleen at 206-384-8978 or email