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Harmonize with Mother Earth

Harmonize with Mother Earth - $25pp - 20 max participants - Saturday, May 25th 7:00pm-8:30pm

Healing Melodic Medicine, High Conscious Herbs and Gentle Yoga with Kori Lynn

Our multi-dimensional healing experience begins with a Chaga and Reishi mushroom tea ceremony.  We honor Mother Earth and the wisdom she provides by absorbing and remembering the knowledge these high conscious adaptogen mushrooms are here to share.  Once resonating with high vibrations in our bodies, mind and soul, Kori Lynn will guide us through a 60-minute gentle, slow yoga flow weaving in her original melodic medicine meditations co-created with Mother Earth.  Kori Lynn sings along with rattles, ukulele and dulcitar, which are tuned to the natural frequencies of our dearest Mother Earth at 432hz.  The healing sounds and words stimulate, uplift and harmonize the chakras, allowing the body to fully relax, ground and heal.  

Chaga and Reishi sourced from Shaman Shack Herbs, Everett WA. 

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