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A 2 hour workshop hosted by the Voice Witch, Megan Moreau! 

You will learn how to activate and balance your throat chakra so that you can speak your truth with ease! Not only is this a throat activation, it is a SOUL activation.

Ask for that raise, put your boundaries out there with confidence, learn to speak your truth with grace, and ask for what your heart desires!

So often we say what we think people want to hear, we bottle up our truth until it bubbles up and explodes like a volcano, causing way more drama than we ever wanted or intended. Your words are like magic spells. They have the power to create so learning how to speak clearly and the power of intention is crucial for creating the life of your DREAMS.

Time for you to step up, Kings and Queens, and realize that your voice is NEEDED. Your desires are VALID. Your truth is POWERFUL.

Join us Sunday September 22 for this very unique and very TRANSFORMATIVE workshop and walk out a more confident and more communicative and powerful speaker with a voice that shines.

$33 per person.

Payments accepted via Venmo (@megan-moreau)

Paypal (

CASH upon entry.

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